About us


Thies was born in the 1990s, when Michael Schumacher dominated the world stage and extremely powerful cars were produced by gigantic technological advances.

After completing his master’s degree in marketing, he was faced with a choice; office job or fun in life? For several years he enjoyed working at the Cool Classic Club, after which he decided to start for himself and focus a little more on the nineties and zeros.

The reason for this is that he believes that today’s classic rider wants to decide to ride every weekend without worry, and doesn’t feel like a hassle. Einsteigen und losfahren.

Real passion he can experience in beautiful lines and car colors, beautiful car sound and old-fashioned strong car marketing. He also experiences enormous pleasure from traveling and meeting collectors, often unique individuals, all over the world.

Seeing the deal and finding hidden gems is something that makes Thies really happy. Brokerage fits that perfectly, and a stocked showroom and brokerage work perfectly together.

Thies has one goal in mind; to create a super reliable beautiful location, where people buy quality with the best service. There is no need to sell hundreds of cars a year, the ones that go should be top notch.

A deal is a deal, things in order and promises are kept. No concessions.

Our location

The Doorn location was deliberately chosen for a discreet location in the middle of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. Open by appointment so we can have full time for our customers. 

Surrounded by mansions and large forests, there is no better place to meet your new love in peace. 

Please let us know in advance that you are coming, we are a small business which is open by appointment only.