Porsche 993 Turbo X51
WLS2 X51
Dutch delivered
Low mileage
Raff leather upholstery


993 Turbo
Year of issue
62.115 KM
450 PK
Exterior color
Polarsilber metallic
Interior color


The Porsche 911 Turbo. An iconic and wildly popular idea from the mid-1970s to add a Turbo to Porsche’s air-cooled boxer engine. The earlier models were still known as quite dangerous cars because of their sudden kick of Turbo. Feedback from the 930 and 964 Turbos was seen in the perfectly balanced Porsche 993 Turbo. All-wheel drive was supposed to provide better grip and control with such power, and instead of a giant turbo kick of the previous models, two turbos with a smaller “turbo hole” were chosen.

It wasn’t until around 97 that the Turbo S came out. Turbo owners were somewhat irritated that Porsche was actually overpowering their own customers. That’s why Porsche came up with a solution, the WLS2 X51 package. This gave the Turbo a power increase to 450hp (+42 hp) for 15,000 guilders. This one can absolutely be felt, the acceleration is overwhelming where from 3000 to 6000 rpm the car just keeps going, it doesn’t stop. Great! The 993 Turbo is capable of sprinting to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds and only stops at 290 km/h top speed. Figures that can still be called extraordinary today.

The 993 series is the last Porsche with an air-cooled engine and the unique sound to match. According to many, the design is the most successful design of the 911 ever.

The 993 Turbo offered by us in Polarsilber metallic with WLS2 kit is a peak specimen with 63,000 kilometers on the odometer. A Dutch delivered car that has been perfectly maintained between 1995 and the present. The 993 Turbo has had only a limited number of owners, who have cherished and conditioned the car time and time again, this is reflected in the maintenance booklets and full documentation of the car. All invoices are present. The Porsche had a comprehensive 111-point check and service at Porsche Classic Center Gelderland in October 2022.

The 993 Turbo is equipped with special options, including a sunroof, luxurious black “raffled leather” upholstery, white counters and multi-layer ceramic coating, among others. You will not find a more beautiful 993 Turbo in this “mint” condition anytime soon. This is a unique car for the enthusiast and collector. And likewise a wonderful investment.

We hope to see you in Doorn soon, because we won’t get a second one of a car like this anytime soon. Your car dream starts here.

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